All change starts from within..

My Mission

I have committed the last 15 years of my life to personal development, getting sober, improving my self-esteem, recovering from codependency, and promoting a healthy lifestyle for myself and my clients.

I’ve spent the majority of my career working in addiction treatment, and I have now transitioned into full time coaching and psychotherapy.  I work with individuals who find themselves addicted to relationships, spending, sex, food, and love. Throughout my journey, I have come to realize that whether or not you’ve had a history of addiction, with enough untreated pain and unexamined attachment injury, we can find ourselves numbing out with just about anything!

I believe in direct, goal-oriented, solution-focused coaching & therapy. Each client brings their own unique personalities and together we work on harnessing their strengths and experiences to create lasting change and breakthroughs in their lives. Take a look below and follow my social media community for more on codependency, recovery, health and wellness.

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Education & Credentials

B.A in Applied Human Sciences

Concordia University

Certified Life Coach

Certified Coaches Federation, CCF

Masters in Counselling Psychology (M.A, 2023)

Yorkville University