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How i can help you?

Individual Coaching (1 Hr, Weekly)

10-Week Intensive Program (90 mins weekly)

Binge Eating Support Coaching (1 HR, weekly)

Individual Virtual Coaching (1 Hr, Weekly)

Congratulations on taking the first step toward making lasting change!

I know how scary of a step this can be especially when we begin to challenge some of the behaviours and thoughts that are no longer serving us and our needs. I believe that you already possess all the skills and tools needed for personal growth and lasting change, but sometimes, things happen that cause us to forget about those tools, or perhaps we were never made aware of them in the first place. Without a clear sense of our intuition, we are unlikely to experience the emotional stability and worthiness needed to function confidently in life. 

When we don’t feel confident and worthy, we tend to find ourselves in unhealthy situations, toxic relationships, struggling with depression, and other negative conditions such as addictions and binge eating. Let’s work together to find out what’s been holding you back from a life of freedom, creativity and joy.

10-Week Intensive program (90 mins weekly)

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your life and don’t know how to stop? Are you feeling unsatisfied with your relationships, self-image, or career?

This 10-week intensive, transformative journey will have you understanding why you do the things you do that are holding you back; why you might be choosing the same unsuitable partners for yourself; and why you can’t seem to move forward towards your goals or dream life. This program is for anyone who is ready to put in the work and who is prepared to get rid of some major blocks that have been holding them back.

Weekly sessions cover: 

  1. Psychoeducation: Codependency, Love Addiction, Process Addictions (Food, spending, sex, gambling)
  2. Insight into your relationships and how to improve them
  3. Why we stay (or get into) toxic relationships
  4. Clarity surrounding your values and how to align with them to support your goals
  5. Looking at your habits (good & bad)
  6. Strategies, skills, and tools to keep you accountable week by week
  7. Weekly assignments and journal prompts
  8. Insight into your relationships and how to improve them
  9. Mapping and planning your action steps
  10. How to manage relapses/Additional resources and support

Binge Eating Support(1 hr weekly sessions )

It’s time to put an end to binge eating for good!

Are you tired of using food to help cope with your emotions?
Do you find yourself unable to stop eating processed sugar and carbohydrates?
Are you stuck in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting?
Tired feeling stuck in a body you don’t recognize?

This program will help you put an end to:

Shameful feelings around your eating habits;
Feeling confused about what and how to eat to nourish your body;
Feeling alone in your struggle with your body image;
Weight gain and feelings of low self-esteem.

Weekly sessions cover: 

  1. What is binge eating?
  2. Root causes & why we binge
  3. What sugar and processed flour do to our brain & insulin levels
  4. How to manage impulsive thoughts and behaviours
  5. Coping with life in healthy ways
  6. Developing skills to deal with intense emotions, feelings, and challenges
  7. Gaining more purpose in life
  8. What to eat and why?
  9. How to NOT diet
  10. How to handle relapses
  11. Sustainable recovery
  12. Additional support groups & resources

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