My Services:

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Individual (Virtual) 1:1 Coaching
Process Addictions, Codependency, and Health
(1 HR, Weekly)

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10-Week Intensive Coaching Program
(90 mins weekly)


Binge Eating Support Coaching
Individual and Group
(Virtual and Live)
(1 HR, Weekly)

Hello, and welcome! I'm grateful you are here and ready for change.

I work with adults and teens who are ready to make some big changes, and learn how to stop self-abandoning their needs. Codependency, low self-esteem and addictions can leave us feeling depleted, confused and unsure how to get to back on track. The good news is, you already have all that is needed for personal growth and change; I am just here to help guide you to it. If you are tired of repeating the same destructive patterns in relationships, with your health, or tired of feeling unsatisfied with your career and life goals, this is good news! It means you are ready to do the work and start taking a look on the inside to make lasting change. 

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Success Stories

Before investing in the 10 week coaching sessions, I was feeling uninspired and lost. While I had done some work in addiction recovery, I was still feeling blocks to progress with my career, personal relationships and self esteem. The support, guidance and close look in the mirror offered by Jess has changed my projectory in ways I could not have imagined! After we dove into some of the 'whys' - we quickly got to the 'hows' - I am proud to say that I have achieved a clearer sense of self with a toolbox of action orientated goals. Today I feel empowered to take the necessary steps toward a future, that I envision, and make choices along the way that will truly set myself up for success. Thank you Jess!!!

- Kati R.

I started working with Jess 10 weeks ago and I was at complete loss with how to confront my own co-dependency. For years I’ve put myself in toxic relationships that have had no chance of lasting success. Our weekly sessions have been a guided journey of self-discovery that has improved my awareness and have given me practical tools on how to confront my difficulties daily. Jess is thoughtful, engaging, and solution oriented. She is helping me to become the best version of myself. If you’re struggling with co-dependency or addiction of any kind and are serious about making a change in your life, allow someone who’s lived and overcome those struggles to guide you!

-Andrew L

Working with Jess Phillips has changed my life for the better. Her coaching style is one of a kind that is unique to her. Her positive energy and dynamic genuinely improves my quality of life. I will be working with Jess continuously as she adds so much value to myself which in turn, allows me to maximize my potential in life. I will continue to highly recommend her services to any of my friends, family members, clients and colleagues. Thanks for all of your help Jess, I love working with you.

-Eric. F